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Ageing has been a synonym for reduced health and energy through history. This is now being seriously challenged with new science treating ageing at a cellular level.

While science has improved virtually everything around us during our lifetime, the life itself never extended. Working with world leading scientists, we have done our research and would like to share our work in order to make people around us in great health, today and tomorrow. Naturally fact based.

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"Ageing, quite simply, is a loss of information." — David Sinclair

We eat food and metabolize for energy

While eating is easy, the metabolic functions have proven very hard to map out, let alone understand. Much is unknown and we have a long way to go. We use part of our energy to continuous cell division. This creates new copies of our cells and their DNA.

The metabolism damages our DNA

But just like an old copying machine, a copy of a copy of a copy starts looking old. And so do we. Through copying, we lose information in our DNA that accumulates damage in our bodies that defines ageing and leads to diseases.

The damages lead to diseases

Smoking is really bad for you. So is being old. We know intuitively that old people have many more diseases and physical problems. It is so natural we have gotten used to accepting this as a fact. This is understandable as mapping and solving these 10.000+ diseases have proven very difficult.

The gamechanger

Instead of curing 10.000+ diseases, let’s repair DNA damage before it ages our bodies and leads to disease.

This big scientific shift is backed up with hard facts through research where mice are living 30% longer, regrowth their fur and are regaining lost fertility. Humans suffering from diabetes are outliving control groups of healthy individuals using some specific compounds. As always, supplements and interventions should be given careful thought and research by professionals before considering. Hence our strict focus on safety and research.

We're only getting started

Much progress has been made in the last decade, but the best is yet to come. Future technology holds much promise and so we want to make sure that we're around to benefit. Thats why we need to start caring about health today.

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