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We have dedicated our lives to challenge ageing.

We work on a daily basis to gather all the necessary information from research and interventions and we apply those evidence into our products to create the best supplements for prolonged health. We strongly believe that with the right approach we can delay ageing and create a healthier life.

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Kevin Perrot
Senior Scientific Advisor

PhD, Biomedical Engineering, Co-founder of SENS Research Foundation, CEO at OpenCures, President Global Healthspan Policy Institute.

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Victor Björk
Scientific Advisor

Director at Heales, a Brussels-based think tank, organiser of several ageing conferences, Clinical work conducted with: Bioage, SF Ichor Therapeutics, NYC & Fraunhofer Institute EU.

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Jonatan Carlson portrait

Jonatan Carlson

Michael Pavlou
Product Lead

David Planman
Operations Lead

Kenneth Hellem
Commercial Strategist

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